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You’re Going to Be Bootiful!

Your Last Minute Halloween Costume

Unless you’re way more organized than we are, chances are you’re also frantically searching for a last-minute Halloween costume. You’ve been busy. And while Dryel can free up a lot of time for you, it can’t do your full time job. But fear not ghouls, Dryel is here to help. Halloween is life for fashionistas, because it’s a chance to do it up big. So grab those platform clogs you’ve been saving and go big or go home.

Just Go For It
It’s the one time of year no one is throwing shade when you’re wearing an adult onesie, so why not? Wedding dress? Catsuit? Metallic bodysuit? YOLO ladies. Grab the one thing in your closet you’ve been dying to wear but hesitated. Halloween is ALWAYS the right time. Time to throw on those leather leggings and slay.

Squad Gear
We love a theme! Get your girls together and go for it. When’s the last time, outside of third grade, that you and your best friends flaunted matching outfits? Remember how it was the best ever? There are a ton of homemade options that can be thrown together last minute. Rosie the Riveter is one of our favorites. Not only is she a tough chick, but all you need is a bandana and some red lipstick and you’re ready to work.

If you’re literally running out of the house with nothing to wear, throw on every black piece of clothing you own and swing by a Halloween Express for a face painting kit. There are plenty of online tutorials you can pull up on your phone and paint on in the car. You can probably even pull off this pretty skull look with the makeup you already have.

Low Key
If none of these ideas are vibing, don’t worry. We love Halloween because it’s also okay to lay low. You’ve been dominating the fashion scene all month. Feel like just throwing on a witches hat or cat ears? We feel you. Even the most dedicated fashionistas need a night off, even if it is Halloween.