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What to Wear to the Pool?

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If you’re a mom chances are you’ll spend the majority of your time this summer at the pool. You need something that’s comfortable, functional and cute. You’ve got your hands full of floaties, wet towels and crying kids. Let us take the guesswork out of your summer pool wardrobe.


Sun Hat

This accessory does double duty offering not only super sun protection, but an easy way to elevate your thrown on, run out of the house after your escape artist toddler, outfit. We love these hats from Free People. Stylish, versatile and high enough quality that they won’t fall apart after being shoved into a pool bag all summer long.


Cover Up

It’s 90 degrees out. The last thing you want to do is don a full outfit over your bathing suit. You just spent the past hour packing snacks and applying sunscreen to squirmy children. You’re done. Throw on something easy and hit the road. Maxis, rompers, or a classic cover up will all do the trick.



Heading to the pool is a monsterous feat with children. You’ve got something for every possible scenario. Snacks? Changes of clothes? First aid kit? Diapers? Swim Diapers? You’ve got it! Now where to throw all of this stuff? The perfect tote will change your life. Huge and waterproof are two musts. If you know a consultant, the Thirty-One Large Utility Totes meet these requirements. In addition to coming in a variety of cute prints they should last you through a few seasons. Target always carries a great selection. If you’re in a pinch the IKEA bag you probably have lying around will do the trick.


We’ve prepared you as best we can. Now get out there and at least look like you have it all together.