Dryel at home dry cleaner
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Why Dryel at Home?

The benefits to cleaning delicate garments yourself.

Eco-friendly is the new black! People everywhere are working to better their carbon footprint. And what better time to look into dry cleaning in your own home. Below are some benefits to cleaning delicate garments yourself.

Save time

What could be better than taking “run to the dry cleaners” off your to-do list? Not only do you have to drop things off but you have to pick them up as well. So cleaning at home can definitely save you time and gas. In fact, Dryel at-Home Dry Cleaner can clean your garments in as little as 15 minutes!

Save money

The kit can also be used multiple times which can cut down on cost as well. So you can ditch that expensive dry cleaning bill immediately.

No harsh chemicals

Dryel uses the power of steam to clean your delicate clothing. With no need for harsh chemicals, it is much safer to clean your clothes in your own home and not to mention better for the environment!

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