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Three Must-Have Winter Coats

We live for winter coats. Seriously, hear us out. They’re basically like wearing a comforter in public and who wants to get out of bed? They hide your winter physique and there are limitless style options. Is there a reason to NOT love a winter coat? Here are our favorites.

The Classic Trench
The chic trench will never go out of style. You can’t help but feel fierce when you slip on this timeless beauty. From the double breasted 1940s version, to the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman rendition, it has seriously stood the test of time. A winter season has not passed without some version of this classic piece making an appearance, so it won’t be an investment you’ll be bummed about in two years time.

The Puffer
The puffer coat or as we like to say, the wearable sleeping bag, is a wintertime favorite. This bad boy will not only keep you toasty while you hit the slopes but will double as a pillow/blanket on the long train ride to work. Snuggle up in the corner for a few extra zzz’s before you get to the office. We won’t judge.

The Performance Coat
These technical masterpieces are for the die-hard winter sport fan or maybe just if you are living in North Dakota. They are technically mastered to hold up against the most extreme temperatures and conditions. So if you’re mountaineering this holiday season or if you’re just the person who can never get warm, these are for you.

We love you winter coat, but we don’t love how hard you are to clean. Forget schlepping through the snow and freezing temps to get to the dry cleaner. Dryel means you can stay at home, sipping hot chocolate and your coat will be clean, fresh and ready to wear in 15 minutes. You’ve got your priorities straight.