Dryel at home dry cleaner
Valentine’s Day Outfit

First Aid Kit

It’s your first Valentine’s Day together. You’ve picked the perfect place and you’re rocking your perfect, new dress. Make sure it stays perfect and pack your valentine’s day outfit first aid kit in your purse. We’ll help you conquer any hiccup that comes your way.


Spilled Red Wine

It’s tough to know what is safe for dry clean only fabrics. When wine is spilled on your brand new dry clean only dress, do you reach for the soda water? Packing your Dryel On-the-Go stain pen means you not only knock out that stain but you never have to worry if it’s dry clean safe.


Static City

You’re arm in arm, strolling down a romantic star lit street and your specially picked Valentine’s day dress is slowly riding up your thighs with a fierce static cling. Excuse yourself and head to the nearest restroom where you can give yourself a quick spritz with a static spray of your choice. Resume romantic walk.


Bye Bye Wrinkles. Hello Freshness.

Chances are you’re not rocking your bright red V-day dress very often. Make sure it’s refreshed and ready to go before your big night out. You’ve got better things to do than run to the dry cleaner. Throw your dress in the dryer with Dryel and grab your phone and a glass of wine. In 15 minutes it will be ready to go. You saved yourself a trip to the dry cleaner and caught up on your favorite blogs.


You should be focused on an amazing night out, not worrying about outfit woes. With a few carefully selected items you won’t have to.