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Storing Winter Clothing

Spring is slowly creeping in and as the weather starts to warm up we can begin packing away our heavy winter clothing. Whether it’s heavy wool sweaters or a delicate holiday blouse, you will want to make sure you’re storing your garments correctly until the next season. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to keep your winter wear in good shape.

Make sure your clothes are clean before packing them away. You will want to remove any stains. If you pack your clothing away with stains they could set permanently. For your special care items, we recommend the handy Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Start Kit. It’s a powerful yet gentle way to clean your special care clothing without all those harsh dry cleaning chemicals. It is also very important to double-check that your clothes are completely dry before you begin the packing process.

Properly folding your garments reduces the chances of creases and wrinkles. For your more delicate items, such as silk, wrapping in acid-free paper also helps. Zip or button up any jackets or sweaters. There are lots of nifty video tutorials on how to tackle those bulky winter jackets.

Good storage containers are a must for keeping your winter wear dry and safe. We find that clear plastic containers are not only sturdy but help you see what is packed inside, making it easier to find a garment if you need it. If you think your clothing is at risk for moths tuck in a sprig of lavender or some pieces of smooth cedar.

Place your containers or boxes in a cool dry place. Any sunlight or heat could hurt the integrity and color of your garments.

With a few steps and a little extra care, you can be sure your clothing is safe during the offseason. Then when winter rolls around again you’re ready to hit the streets in your fresh winter wear.