Dryel at home dry cleaner
Reducing Your Wardrobe Footprint

Fast fashion is out

Is fast fashion coming to an end? With a public shift towards eco-friendly and minimalist lifestyles, the fashion industry is under the gun to create more sustainable clothing. Consumers now have more information than ever to avoid cheap clothing and create a more valuable wardrobe. Here are a few ways we can all reduce our footprint.



Check out the brand before you buy. Many manufacturers use cheap labor and materials to reduce their costs and also harm the planet. But lucky for us there are many ethical brands entering the market with lower price points. So buying responsibly is no longer just a luxury.   



Online clothing rental companies, such as Gwynnie Bee, have exploded over the last few years. As an easy way to bring new pieces into your wardrobe, rental subscriptions, are becoming popular with young professionals and influencers. You simply choose an outfit on an app and then wear it till you want something new or you can buy it outright.



Take care of your clothing! While it may be easy to throw everything into the washer these days, many pieces can definitely benefit from a little extra love. Dryel uses a patented process to let you dry clean your clothes right at home. Your clothing, and the environment, will thank you.


With a little care and research not only can you make your wardrobe last longer but you can help the environment as well. Sustainable clothing is definitely a trend that we’re loving and hope that is here to stay.