Dryel at home dry cleaner
handing holding folded wool sweaters
Dry Clean Wool Sweaters at Home

Wool has been utilized for thousands of years. Some of our earliest ancestors used wool to fabricate clothing. Aran sweaters, made from untreated sheep’s wool, was a staple among Irish fishermen in the late 1800’s.  Fast forward to the early 20th century and wool sweaters started to morph into a fashion staple when haute couture labels incorporated them into their lines. 

Wool can truly stand the test of time. From cable knit sweaters to jackets, wool is transformed into many styles of garments. However, today’s washing machines can still be too tough on this natural fiber. As the weather cools off and we begin to pull out our warmer clothing items you will want to make sure your wool garments are in tip-top shape. 

Cleaning your wool sweaters at home is easy. All you need is Dryel At-Home Drying Cleaning and a dryer. This easy-to-use kit can be found at most grocery stores or on Amazon. Just follow these simple steps to keep your wool garments fresh for another season.

  1. Remove small stains with the Stain Pen
  2. Spray high odor areas with the Odor & Wrinkle Releaser
  3. Add up to 5 garments & 1 Dryer-Activated Cleaning Cloth to the reusable Fabric Protection bag
  4. Tumble in dryer on MEDIUM HEAT for 15 to 30 minutes
  5. Promptly hang garments to help wrinkles fall out
  6. If some wrinkles remain, spray with Odor & Wrinkle Releaser and smooth wrinkles away
  7. Your clean and fresh clothes are ready to wear

If you treat your wool clothing with care it can be passed down for generations, just like humans have been utilizing wool for centuries.