Dryel at home dry cleaner
close up of person reading the clothing label showing washing instructions
Don’t Dread the ‘Dry Clean Only’ Label

Go ahead and buy those delicate clothing items

With summer in full swing and stores stocked full of lightweight fabrics don’t be afraid to purchase a new piece that requires a little more care. When looking to add to your wardrobe the first step is to check the tag. (You can find a handy break-down of those little symbols here) If you have been avoiding buying a delicate shirt you love just because of that dreaded ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag fear not, turns out you can clean it right in your own home.

Cleaning clothes is already a tedious task without adding special-care items on top but it turns out you don’t have to even leave the comfort of your laundry room. The original At-Home Dry Cleaning system by Dryel is a safe way to clean your delicate pieces at home right in your dryer. You can harness the power of steam to thoroughly clean your special care items and skip the harsh chemicals. You can find the easy step-by-step process on how it all works here.

So go ahead and add those luxurious pieces to your wardrobe. That special top you’ve been eyeing for work? Now you can be confident that you can clean it later without breaking the bank.