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pile of wool sweaters
Cleaning Wool Sweaters

How to clean those thick wool sweaters.

We’ve got three words for you: thick wool sweaters. An essential wardrobe staple if you live anywhere that dips below 40 degrees. With the winter season creeping into the northern hemisphere the wool sweaters are starting to appear from the back of the closet. These toasty garments tend to be on the pricier side so it makes sense you will want to take care of your sweaters and have them last as long as possible.

Caring for wool can be a little trickier than other fabric blends. Tossing it into a washing machine could end up damaging the weave and possibly ruining the sweater. Your best bet for cleaning your heavy winter wear is dry cleaning. But who wants to leave the house in the middle of the snowstorm? One solution is to use Dryel at-Home Dry Cleaner.

Dryel bypasses harsh dry cleaning chemicals in favor of steam created in your dryer. This is the perfect way to gently remove bacteria and odors from your wool garments. It also prevents fading, shrinking and stretching. At 10% the cost of professional dry cleaning Dryel is your best bet for keeping your thick wool sweaters in their very best condition.