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How does Dryel® work to clean my special care clothes? Is Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner difficult to use? Is Dryel expensive to use? The instructions say 'Steam it.' Do I need a steam setting on my dryer? Won't the heat of the dryer shrink my special care clothes? How long does it take to clean my clothes using Dryel? Can I use Dryel without the bag? Why do clothes cleaned with Dryel feel softer and smell better than clothes cleaned by a professional dry cleaner? Why does Dryel come with an Odor & Wrinkle Releaser spray? What temperature should I use? Does Dryel expire? How do I test my garment for colorfastness before use? How do I remove water spots?
Water spotting is sometimes caused by the booster spray or Dryel cloths on materials such as silk or rayon. It is unusual for it to happen to other fabrics, but it can. If the item is washable then washing it will remove the spots. If the item is not washable then water spotting can be removed by following the steps below or having it cleaned professionally:
  • Spread an old, or similarly colored towel on an ironing board
  • Place the item on the towel face down (stain facing towel)
  • Wet the area thoroughly with water using the iron’s spray nozzle, a spray bottle, or a wet cloth
  • Adjust the iron to the appropriate heat setting and iron wetted area until dry
  • Move to a dry portion of the towel and repeat until spot is removed


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