How does Dryel® work to clean my special care clothes?
Dryel uses a patented process to clean your dry clean only and special care clothes. The heat of your dryer activates the cleaning solution in the ULTRAcleaning Cloth™ to release a steam that penetrates and cleans the clothes. These vapors remove body soil and odors from your clothes that are then vented out of the dryer.
Is Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner difficult to use?
Dryel is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3.

1. Zip it: Add 1-5 garments and 1 ULTRAcleaning Cloth to the Fabric Protection Bag and zip it closed.

2. Steam it: Tumble in your dryer on medium heat for 15 minutes to renew and refresh, or for 30 minutes to deep clean.

3. Wear it: Promptly hang garments to help wrinkles fall out. Your clean and fresh clothes are ready to wear!

The instructions say 'Steam it.' Do I need a steam setting on my dryer?
No. Dryel is a self-contained steaming system. The heat of the dryer activates the cleaning solution in the ULTRAcleaning Cloth to release a steam that penetrates and cleans the clothes. The steam fills the Fabric Protection Bag until it reaches a specific pressure, and then begins to vent out of the bag and dryer.
Won't the heat of the dryer shrink my special care clothes?
No. That’s what’s so special about the Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning process. The Fabric Protection Bag, patented cleaning chemicals, and the controlled heat of your dryer work together to safely and effectively clean your clothes without shrinking. Dryel is even safe for materials like wool and cashmere.
How long does it take to clean my clothes using Dryel?
Dryel can be used in two ways: 1. Dryel quickly refreshes and renews clothes in just 15 minutes. This is a great way to remove odors and restore shape between trips to a professional dry cleaner. 2. In just 30 minutes, Dryel thoroughly cleans special care clothes. This means that you can skip a trip to a professional dry cleaner, and avoid harsh dry cleaning chemicals.
Can I use Dryel without the bag?
For best results the Dryel cleaning system is designed to be used with the Fabric Protection Bag, however we understand that sometimes larger items may not fit comfortably. You can use Dryel without the bag as long as the dryer will not damage your items, and as long as the items have plenty of room to tumble. Without the bag, use two cleaning cloths instead of one.
Why do clothes cleaned with Dryel feel softer and smell better than clothes cleaned by a professional dry cleaner?
Dry cleaners use harsh chemicals that, if not continuously filtered, can re-deposit residue back on your clothing. The Dryel patented process vents body soil and odors out of your dryer and away from your clothes. The Dryel ULTRAcleaning Cloth contains a light, breezy clean scent that keeps your clothes smelling great!
Why does Dryel come with a Booster Spray?
The Dryel Booster Spray can be used to remove tough stains, or as a pre-treat for heavily soiled areas such as collars or underarms.
What temperature should I use?
Some heat is needed to activate the ULTRAcleaning Cloth, but you don’t want to overexpose the clothes to high temperatures. For best results, use medium heat.
Is Dryel expensive to use?
Dryel is more convenient and less costly than a trip to a professional cleaner. Dryel can clean your dry clean only and special care clothes for as little as 25¢ per garment.
Does Dryel expire?
As a rule of thumb, most cleaning and laundry products should be used within about a year. Dryel doesn’t expire the way a perishable product would, but will become less effective with time.


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